The new Noah movie


Disappointing that Hollywood would distort a good story.



Now that this session of college is over, this might be my last post on here. At school, we are often asked what inspires us? We have to write artist statements. In here, we are suppose to say who inspired us. In reflection (after a ‘discussion’, somewhat heated with one of my instructors) I have decided that there is not a photographer/artist that inspires me. Yes, I like some works, but they do not inspire me to do what they do.

Take away their iconic works, I could not tell you which works belong to Avedon or Warhol; Toni Frissell to Cindy Sherman; George Eastman or Ansel Adams; Picasso to Braque. I may like their work. Yet I could not say which belongs to who. I rarely go looking for someone’s work unless it is for an assignment.  If I like it enough, I may try to learn how they did it and not about them. Sorry, that’s the way I am. The only thing that come close is Sports Illustrated and Norman Rockwell (the latter may be an influence from my parents)

What’s my concept? Well two people probably said it best.

For a long time I have been of the opinion that artists don’t necessarily know what they’re doing. You don’t necessarily know what kind of universal concept you’re tapping into.  Leonard Nimoy


Art is what you can get away with. Andy Warhol

I shoot what I like and what I am assigned. I have a wide variety from sports to macro to products to landscape to fine art. I like what I like.


(in case you are reading this, in my 29 years in the work force, I know you can expect different expectations from different employers or clients. BUT, I can also expect supervisors within the same corporation to hold me to the same standards. I was not aiming at you )

light painting experiments

A little light painting while son slept. Everything in camera. Next time I might ‘draw’ on fis face