week 4 post 4 Time

This is something I have been debating about. Image from their site.

time lapse photography



week 4 post 3 Speed

When we think about Speed, we tend to look at cars, trains people and so forth. These are things our eyes can see going fast. There are events surrounding us that we miss because that they move so fast that our eye miss  them. Here is a website that shows some of them.

Brain-Defying Explosive Balloon Photography image from their site.




week 4 post 2

A different approach to adding motion


came fro this


bmx_speed_2 My second attempt

bmx_speed_1 original photo.

I like how this one appears to come out of the page. Wonder if I can do an image that looks like it breaking a time warp or alternate reality? We will see.

did not find a site but here is my latest attempt.


Sound Trigger

One of my interests is in sound activated photography. There are several applications. The following site is and idea I plan on exploring. I still have to figure out the details.


My sound trigger I assembled as a kit.

Here is my first (actually 2nd try) photo using the trigger. The trigger is attached to my TTL